bcPacknShip will expand your Dynamics warehouse capabilities with automated shipping and packing.

Expand and Automate Your Shipping Processes

bcPacknShip explained

bcPacknShip greatly expands upon Dynamics’ warehousing capabilities by allowing you to pick and pack individual parcels, cartons, or pallets against a single shipment. Each package is unique, giving you the ability to track data at a greater level of detail than ever before.

Standard processes become streamlined, as necessary picking and shipping activities are automatically created behind the scenes and managed through a simple, intuitive user interface.

Multi-carrier integrationExtensive multi-carrier Integrations

Create and track shipments with major carriers like UPS, FedEx, and USPS by integrating your bcPacknShip solution with the top multi-carrier applications on the market today: ShipRush, ShipStation, EasyPost, GoShippo, and ShipEngine.

This integration allows you to export all of your shipment data from Dynamics to the multi-carrier software of your choice. You can print UCC shipping labels directly from bcPacknShip, and the details for each shipment that is created by your eCommerce application are stored in Dynamics, giving you full visibility to each order’s tracking information.

Gain access to over 100 carriers worldwide

bcPacknShip combines with today’s top multi-carrier integrations to give you access to more than 100 carriers worldwide, directly from your NAV environment.

More than 100 carriers integration

Integrated with ShipRush

ShipRush integration with DynamicsbcPacknShip offers an out-of-the-box integration with ShipRush, making it easy for you to save money and spend more time with your customers. Streamlining parcel, freight, and LTL shipping, ShipRush provides real-time, side-by-side carrier rates and delivery dates. In addition, ShipRush offers low-cost declared value coverage and discounted postage for USPS and FedEx shipments.

Integrated with GoShippo

GoShippo Integration with DynamicsbcPacknShip offers an out-of-the-box integration with GoShippo. Providing a global network of shipping carriers with close to 70 affiliated carriers, GoShippo offers instant access to multiple shipping carriers for real-time rates, label creation, automated international paperwork, package tracking, and facilitating returns.

Integrated with EasyPost

EasyPost integration with DynamicsbcPacknShip offers an out-of-the-box integration with EasyPost. With more than 100 affiliated carriers for US and international shipping to almost anywhere in the world, EasyPost provides shipping labels, tracking, insurance, address verification, and rating API, resulting in a seamless domestic and international shipping experience.


Scale Integration with bcPacknShipIn Touch with Technology

bcPacknShip was designed to work in harmony with the other technologies that you may be employing in your warehouse:

EDI: fully EDI compliant, bcPacknShip supports the data structures that are needed to submit advanced shipment notifications directly from Dynamics to your trading partners.

Scale Interfacing: shipping scales can be integrated to your bcPacknShip solution, allowing you to record captured weight values on your Dynamics shipments.

bcPacknShip laptopBuilt for Dynamics

bcPacknShip is developed and managed entirely within Dynamics. What this means to you is that no additional third party, bolt-on software is required. With a fully integrated solution like bcPacknShip, all you need is Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365!


bcPacknShip Screenshots

  • bcPacknShip Role Center

    bcPacknShip Role Center

  • bcPacknShip Pack Scanning

    bcPacknShip Pack Scanning

  • bcPacknShip Sales Packaging

    bcPacknShip Sales Packaging

  • bcPacknShip Package Card

    bcPacknShip Package Card


Pallet and parcel packaging.

Optimized packing and shipping processes.

Fully integrated with Dynamics WMS.

Scale interfacing.

Full support for EDI ASN data structures.

Full support for UCC/EAN Logistics Label printing.

Key Product Features

Simplicity Pick items, package them into parcels and pallets, and ship them from your warehouse all from a single user interface.

Flexibility Fully supports any Dynamics warehouse setup, from basic shipping to advanced bin controlled picking environments.

Carrier Integrations Integrated with multi-carrier solutions that support all major carriers, including DHL, FedEx, UPS, and USPS.


bcPacknShip IconbcPacknShip Carrier Integrations

bcPacknShip is integrated with the following Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions:


FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, Pitney Bowes Borderfree, DirectLink, FedEx International, deliv, OnTrac, Worldwide Express.

EasyPost (100+ Carriers)

USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, LaserShip, OnTrac, GSO, AmazonMws, Aramex, Canada Post, ChinaPost, Purolator, Royal Mail, and more …

GoShippo (75+ Carriers)

USPS, FedEx, UPS, Canada Post, DHL Express, Asienda, RR Donnelley, DHL eCommerce, Globegistics, Newgistic, Deutsche Post, Aramex, OnTrac, and more …

ShipHawk (175+ Carriers)

FedEx Freight, LME, YRC Freight, Team Worldwide, USPS, OnTrac, UPS, XPO Logistics, SAIA Motor Freight Line, FedEx, Newgistics, JB Hunt, SMC3, DHL eCommerce, DHL Express, and more …

bcPacknShip Notifications

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