bcMobile for Dynamics will bring your ERP to your warehouse with handheld devices.

Automate Your Warehouse with the bcMobile Warehouse Management System

bcMobile explained

Take your WMS to the next level by using bcMobile to integrate your Dynamics environment with handheld devices designed for the warehouse. Processes that currently require your workers to manually record results on physical documents or type data into a computer workstation can be fully automated through the barcode scanning features of mobile units.

This level of automation goes beyond the capture of data; with bcMobile, warehouse documents and labels can be created and printed directly from handheld devices. You can even register and close out picks, shipments, and other movements. With bcMobile, your employees can create, process, and complete activities without ever leaving their mobile devices.

Increase productivity with bcMobileIncrease Productivity and Accuracy

By trading a paper-based system for mobile devices with barcode scanning functionality, bcMobile gives you increased levels of productivity in the warehouse and on the shop floor. When your users record inventory movements, picking activities, and production results as they occur, you obtain a real-time picture of your inventory. Barcode scanning is not only considerably more efficient than manual data entry, but also guarantees that the recorded data is accurate. With up-to-date, error-free data at your fingertips, bcMobile allows you to gain complete control of your inventory.

Approachable and Intuitive

bcMobile presents its data through a graphical user interface that makes tasks clear and easy to carry out. In addition to barcode scanning, information can be recorded through the device’s keypad or touchscreen/stylus. Personalization options make it possible to configure each warehouse activity to reflect your particular processes, and control which tasks your employees can perform. This streamlined approach ensures that a user is only presented with the warehouse activities that relate to him or her.

bcMobile AndroidExtensive Compatibility

bcMobile is available on both Android and Windows Mobile platforms, two of the most widely-used operating systems for mobile solutions today. When it comes to hardware, bcMobile has been successfully deployed on mobile units from popular manufacturers such as Zebra, Honeywell, and Motorola. What this means is that, whatever your preferred setup, bcMobile will perform for you.

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bcMobile laptopBuilt in NAV, for NAV

bcMobile is developed and managed entirely within Dynamics. Every process that you can perform in bcMobile mirrors an existing activity in Dynamics, leading to a level of familiarity not offered in any other mobile software. In addition, this integration means that no additional third party, bolt-on software is required. The end result? A completely unified solution. All you need is Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365!


bcMobile IconbcMobile Transactions

bcMobile includes the following pre-defined transaction types:

Item Information

Lot Information

Bin Information

Physical Count

Inventory Movement

Planned Movement

Warehouse Shipment

Warehouse Receipt

Warehouse Pick

Warehouse Put-Away

Production Output

Production Consumption

bcMobile Demo

Quotation When we started our search for an ERP system, a mobile warehouse solution was a key requirement. We needed the capability to institute strict inventory control measures, while still ensuring our associates were able to enter quick and accurate transactions. With bcMobile, we found a solution that struck the perfect balance between control and flexibility. We’ve successfully set up our software to direct our warehouse employees in their picking and other movement activities. By configuring our system, we have achieved our goals, without hindering our workforce. By placing tools that allow us to record transactions at the source, we’ve opened up new opportunities for tracking and efficiency.”

Pat Reyes, Head of IT, Sun Basket


Improved efficiency and reduced data entry errors in the warehouse and shop floor.

Increased accuracy and speed of order fulfillment.

Increased overall resource utilization.

Real-time visibility to inventory.

Reduces worker “travel time”.

Key Product Features

Familiarity A feature set derived from standard Dynamics functionality, instantly recognizable to your users.

Flexibility As your business grows, bcMobile scales with you, allowing you to expand with ease.

Out-of-the-Box Inventory queries, physical counts, item movements, receiving, shipping, picking, and more activities are included.

bcMobile Screenshots

  • bcMobile Home Screen

    bcMobile Home Screen

  • bcMobile Receive Screen

    bcMobile Receive Screen

  • bcMobile Put Away Screen

    bcMobile Put Away Screen

  • bcMobile Production Screen

    bcMobile Production Screen

  • bcMobile Physical Count Screen

    bcMobile Physical Count Screen

  • bcMobile Pick Screen

    bcMobile Pick Screen

  • bcMobile Shipping Screen

    bcMobile Shipping Screen