bcExtensions are AppSource enhancement add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Maximize the capabilities of your Dynamics 365 Business Central system with bcExtensions!

Specializing in add-ons to inventory and inventory-related activities, bcExtensions are designed to improve business processes for manufacturers, distributors, warehousing operations, and any other company that deals with physical products. The result of more than 30 years of experience with business solutions, bcExtensions address real-world scenarios and allow companies to attain compliance, achieve efficiency, and remain current.

Key Product Features

Streamlined business processes and a reduced user “click count.”

Features and tools developed around best practices and common sense.

Greater visibility and access to data allows for more informed decision-making.


bcEDI + SPS Commerce for Dynamics 365 Business Central

bcEDI allows your Dynamics 365 Business Central environment to seamlessly communicate with your customers and vendors. Thanks to the full automation of your EDI solution, manual order entry becomes a thing of the past. Orders are created instantaneously, and data entry errors are nonexistent. Additional communications, such as shipment notifications and invoices, are all automatically sent to your partners as soon as they are posted within Dynamics 365 Business Central.

bcEDI for Dynamics 365 Business Central is integrated with SPS Commerce’s multi-tenant hosted EDI service. It includes out-of-the-box compatibility with the SPS platform, featuring a number of pre-built mappings to a wide range of document types.

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Copy ItemCopyItem Screen Shot

Save time setting up new inventory records by copying data from your existing items. Copy cost and price values, unit of measure setup, Dimensions, sales/purchase prices and discounts, comments, pictures, item attributes, variants, identifiers, cross references, stock keeping units, translations, extended text, substitutions, and assembly/production BOMs from one item record to another in a matter of seconds.


Copy Item is also available for Dynamics NAV

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These are the current bcExtensions.



Date Updated: 3/4/2019

Products supported: Dynamics 365 Business Central

Copy Item


Date Updated: 12/30/2017

Products supported: Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017, Dynamics 365 Business Central

Upcoming Extensions

Enhanced Workflow, Custom Cues, Document Tracking

Copy Item by bcExtensions