Extend your EDI to vendors
and lower your costs.


Reduce inaccuracies with manual data entry.

Improve warehouse and receiving costs.

Better visibility into incoming shipments.

bcEDI for vendors

You already know how much you have saved with bcEDI.

And you already know of the general advantages of EDI:

Cost savings.

Speed and accuracy.

Business efficiency.

Strategic business benefits such as real-time visibility and streamlined processes for partner onboarding.

Why not take advantage of the benefits of EDI towards your vendors as well?. With bcEDI for vendors you will be able to reduce your costs for purchase transactions with up to 97%. Paper based process often give up to 5% inaccurate data on your invoices and orders. Let your purchasers focus on higher level tasks. You may free up to 50% of the purchasers time with electronic handling of orders.

But the real gain are probably at the strategic business level. With bcEDI for vendors you will have real-time visibility into your transaction status giving you accurate data for changes and new decisions. It also shorten the lead times and streamline the possibility to take on new vendors. And, you may promote your environmental and sustainability by replacing paper-based processes with electronic alternatives.

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Key Product Features

Minimal setup requirements allow you to connect to your trading partners in no time.

As your business grows, bcEDI makes it easy to add new trading partners and document types.

bcEDI’s extensive document library reaches well beyond the common 810, 850, and 856 documents.