Aptean EDI for Business Central allows you to seamlessly communicate with your customers and vendors.


Automate Your Processes with Electronic Data Interchange

bcEDI our Business Central explained

Aptean EDI allows your Dynamics environment to seamlessly communicate with your customers and vendors. Thanks to the full automation of your EDI solution, manual order entry becomes a thing of the past. Orders are created instantaneously, and data entry errors are nonexistent. Additional communications, such as shipment notifications and invoices, are all automatically sent to your partners as soon as they are posted within NAV. And as your company grows, you won’t need to add personnel to handle the increased order volume; Aptean EDI can handle it.

Achieve ComplianceAchieve compliance

Many of the most prominent retailers in the country require that their suppliers send and receive data according to their specific EDI standards. Failure to meet those standards can result in delays, fines, or even a termination in the business relationship. With close to 200 successful deployments involving more than 400 trading partners, Aptean EDI has a proven track record of ensuring that companies meet the standards of some of the largest and most recognized retailers today. Using Aptean EDI, you can be confident that your data will be transmitted to your customers and vendors according to their criteria.

Built on experience, utilizing the latest technology

Aptean EDI is built on nearly two decades of experience with EDI. It has been developed specifically to make the EDI process easy to manage and cost efficient to deploy.

Utilizing the latest technology and document standards, Aptean EDI exchanges data in a unified, consistent manner. This enables you to spend less time maintaining your EDI relationships and addressing compliance issues. All the necessary tools for transmitting, receiving, and transforming EDI messages into XML, flat file, or any other XSLT transformed format are available out of the box.

The SPS AdvantageSPS logo

You can further streamline your data transmissions and ensure compliance with your trading partners’ requirements by integrating your Aptean EDI solution with SPS Commerce’s value-added network. Aptean EDI includes out-of-the-box compatibility with the SPS platform, featuring a number of pre-built mappings to a wide range of document types.

» Read more about the SPS Commerce solution at their website.

bcEDI laptopBuilt for Dynamics

Aptean EDI is developed and managed entirely within Dynamics. What this means to you is that no additional third-party, bolt-on software is required. With a fully integrated solution like Aptean EDI , all you need is Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365!


bcEDI Screenshots

  • bcEDI Role Center

    bcEDI Role Center

  • bcEDI Message Window

    bcEDI Message Window

  • bcEDI Log Entries

    bcEDI Log Entries

  • bcEDI EDI Ports

    bcEDI EDI Ports


XML and flat file data interchange.

Data transformation using Style Sheets.

Data validation using Schema Definitions (XSD).

Data translation for any Dynamics data table.

Direct file transportation and FTP.

E-mail notifications.

Extendable to any area of NAV.

Key Product Features

Simplicity Minimal setup requirements allow you to connect to your trading partners in no time.

Flexibility As your business grows, Aptean EDI makes it easy to add new trading partners and document types.

Document Library Aptean EDI’s reach extends well beyond common 810, 850, and 856 documents.


bcEDI IconAptean EDI Document Types

Some of the most popular EDI document types that are available for Aptean EDI include:


753 – Request for Routing

754 – Routing Instructions

810/880 – Invoice

816 – Organizational Relationships

846 – Inventory Inquiry/Advice

850/875 – Purchase Order

855 – Purchase Order Acknowledgment

856 – Ship Notice/Manifest (ASN)

870 – Order Status Report

Logistics integration

940 – Warehouse Shipping Order

943 – Warehouse Stock Transfer Ship. Advice

944 – Stock Transfer Receipt Advice

945 – Warehouse Shipping Advice

947 – Warehouse Inventory Adj. Advice

And more …

These are just a handful of the documents supported by Aptean EDI. We have a lot more, and are always adding new ones to our library. Please contact us for a full listing.