We are in business to give our clients more time.

We automate routine administration.

We create one-click access to important features.

We bring ERP tools to the floor.

ERP solutions and enhancement add-ons for Microsoft Dynamics.


Automate and accelerate your interactions between suppliers and customers.

bcEDI gives you seamless data interchange with external trading partners and value-added networks from within Dynamics.


Automate your ERP system’s inventory functionality with mobile capabilities.

bcMobile allows your warehouse personnel to move, put away, pick, and pack items within Dynamics in real time.


Automate your basic and advanced packaging capabilities.

bcPacknShip incorporates full carrier integration between all major carriers (including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL) and your Dynamics solution.

NAV is now Dynamics 365

Expand your Dynamics 365 environment with our new bcExtensions.